Rabu, 31 Oktober 2012

Haven't Met You Yet

I know
When I meet you, someday
I'll smile as brightly as I can
As often as I can
And as sweet as I could
But I'm gonna hold these all for a while
Because, I haven't met you yet

I know
Your face is the first thing that I want to see
Your voice is the first melody that I want to hear
Your smell is the first air that I want to breathe
And your touch is the first breeze that I want to feel
But I'm gonna hold this longing desires
Because, I haven't met you yet

When you try to peeking the sunlight in the morning, I have kissed your eyes on the breaking dawn.
When you hear the rooster calls every early morning, I have sang a beautiful love song on your dream..
So you'll wake up with your heaven's smile
And I will blessed by your love
But I can't do that for a while, because I haven't met you yet

Sunday gonna be our lovely day
Hate is a forbidden word on Monday
We'll go dating on Tuesday
And waiting for the lucky Wednesday
Don't be a rush on Thursday
Couse we're gonna be a passionate couple on Friday
We'll continue the romances on Saturday
Before we're starting our lovely days again on Sunday
But Sunday till Saturday just like ordinary days
Because, I haven't met you yet

Yet you will find me
I will hug you tightly....
Yet you will hug me
I will kiss you deeply..
Yet you will kiss me
I never let you leave me..

But for a while, allow me not to having dreams about you
Allow me, to calling you only on my prays
So that, I could spend my waiting days without any worries and thinking about you.
Someone, that I haven't met yet.


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