Minggu, 14 Oktober 2012

Donghae's Bday Mini Project

Hi there, my fellow followers..friends..secret readers and also the Kpoppers

You guys definitely know that i am a biggest fan of Lee Dong Hae of Super Junior... and this 15th October is a special date for me and HIM!

Well,for almost six years after being Donghae's biggest fan. I want to celebrate His 26th Bday of Him with a little project..dedicates to you, all Donghae's Fans in Indonesia, specially you who live in Jakarta.

This little project need, at least, 11 peoples to participate. It start with makes Donghae's Shirt.

You can see the Raw Design here....
Masih design mentah, masih perlu penyempurnaan..tapi garis besarnya akan seperti ini

Why I need 11 peoples to participate? Because, i should at least order 12 pcs of shirt to reach minimum quantity. I will open this Shirt 'Pre Order' with reasonable price, only IDR 65 ribu/shirt. Fairly cheap enaugh if you compare with others.

I'll use the T-Shirt's fund to pay the Shirt's designer and the shirt manufactur. The Shirts will be distributed soon after it is being produced. It is about 2 -3 weeks. I plan to have some gathering with peoples who participate this project while distributing the shirt.. such a Donghae's Wife Little Party on Jakarta ..xixixixi

I plan to order birthday cake for Donghae with his picture upon that cake. we'll blew the candles together and have some chit chat or maybe more.

Okay, if you have some interest to participate with this little project or need more information about this project, or you only want to order the Shirt.
Kindly email me at : indie_loophy@yahoo.com

Thanks for your attention :)

ps : this is an unofficial shirt and gathering, it is opened for all of Donghae's fans. This is not a fanbase project, it is just my pleasure to celebrate Donghae's Bday with other fans

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